1010 Super Challenge! Is an interesting puzzle game with a simple but unique gameplay. With it's easy-to-learn.
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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Fly with our hero through dangerous paths and full of pitfalls. You need to be very quick and agile on this journey.
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Espetito just want to be alone with his paper. Help him to put an end to this mess! Race against time and end these troublemakers balloons.
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Soon available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Stranger City

The adventures of a cat that shows the city at night can be more dangerous than it looks!

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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Grid Warriors

Battle for survival in the arena in this exciting game PvP online!

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Flashback to the glory days of gaming with Opa!Cade. An authentic arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons! Impress your friends, family and co-workers with Opa!Cade great-looking retro design, and then challenge them for high-scores on the most entertaining Opa! Games.

Opa!Cade is compatible with Opa!Studios games.

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About Opa!Studios

We are a game studio with focus on development of Mobile and Desktop games.

To produce games which promote pure fun for our players and to create a loyal relationship between Opa!Studios and our players.

To be a reference in the mobile game market by conquering fans all around the world, which are extremely entertained with the quality of our products.

Opa!Studios believes:
■ Cultivate innovation, through ideas and creativity
■ Commitment with dedication
■ Build team spirit in a relaxed environment
■ Respect and diversity.

Leandro Zanardi

Software Architect, Senior Business Intelligence and gamification consultant.

Christopher Nomi

Animator, Software and Games Artist.

Fernando Gimenes

Software Architect.

André Lamanna

Quality Assurance Software Architect.

Carlos Toledo

Ux/Game Designer